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Of Two Minds...                                                      

Lin Lacy and I got together over a year ago and decided to work on a collaborative project.  We chose to do a book in three editions — deluxe, standard, and chapbook — because we’d never done that before.  We have completed the binding.  The images are reductive linoleum cuts, we each wrote the words to go with our images, and the text is letterpress printed.  Each edition has a different paper and a different housing - belly band, portfolio or slip case.  Of Two Minds is currently for sale in The Shop at MCBA.

                        Lin and I at work at MCBA.

Newest Happenings...

Great News!

Quilt, Not Quilt - Collaborative Project

I have joined with 14 other artists to make art from tattered, forgotten quilts. Project coordinator, Jerry McClelland, gathered a number of quilts for our work.  I donated one my grandmother made which was past fixing.  We took the quilts apart but before that had each secured parts of the originals to use in our work. We also plan on making new art from paper we have now made from the quilt tops and batting.  Instead of a quilting bee we had a quilting take-apart gathering.  Our project chooses to respect the work of women from the past by recycling their worn and well-used quilts into new art.  Our first exhibit has already been scheduled, start date June 22, 2018.  Stay tuned.

°°° I was again voted in as Co-ordinator of the MCBA Artist’s Coop.  It will be my second 6-month term.  I am honored to served but will pass the job on to another at the end of December.  It has been a very active year so far.  Our Co-op is full to capacity at 21 members, and have been donating much time to making MCBA look good this year.  We have been helping organize and clean different work stations and completed eight new screen-printed press covers for the Vandercook presses.  Come see our new look.

°°° I will be teaching a flag book at MCBA on the first Friday in September.  This first Friday series, all year long is called Dirty Works and starts out with a happy hour before the class.  These are the most relaxed students I have all year long!  Check out the classes online or in the hard copy version found at MCBA.

I have been awarded a residency at the Anderson Center in Red Wing for the month of October 2017.  I will be working on illustrations for picture books I have written.  I am excited and already preparing for this secluded and focused time for me and my work.